The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari


I was surprised!! It was astonishing to see that the person who stood in court and won countless legal cases and earned name and fame all over the country. Today the same eminent lawyer was dropped on the ground in the same court. The man who was famous for his work and success, who’s Luxurious life was discussed all over, today that person was yearning on the ground, all those efforts were being made to comfort him but, it seemed futile. And I sat thinking, “No, you cannot die like this” “The person who has lived his life on his own terms. A person who has written his own fate cannot die like this. A person who has achieved so much success and fame with his skill, ability and hard work cannot die so easily “.

My relationship with the great Julian Mantle is 17 years old, when I started working in his office. Gradually our relations became better, perhaps I had come to know him most closely. I could not believe that this is the same Julian Mantle, he had tremendous glow in his eyes 17 years ago! As if the whole world depends on him. He used to do everything on his own terms. Or I can simply say that it was his habit to keep every situation under his control. There must have been something special in me too. That is why, among so many people, he chose me, a modest boy who had no knowledge of finesse, yes it was just that I came from Harvard Law School on my own.

It was my pleasure working with Julian. You may be surprised to know that, a child with such a soft heart was hidden in him, under the power which he used to show to the world, which was emotional and also foolish. But which was tied to the concern of worldliness. There was something secret behind his magnificent grand bungalow or the gleaming red color Ferrari, which despite having everything, a feeling of strange loneliness was developed in him. There was some secret that had an effect on both his work and behavior and perhaps this was also causing him discomfort. Perhaps in this race of the world, he did not want to stay behind, that is why the hunger for fame and success was swallowing him day by day. What was you were doing, Julian? Everything was still there, how hungry were you? What did you want to get? What were you looking for?

He looked elderly even at half age. A deep tiredness was always on his face. At the same time it looked like he had forgot to laugh. I still remember, when he used to complain to me about his emptiness, he used to say that he is now bored of advocacy. Today, due to a heart attack, the same great man was fallen on the ground as if nature had made him meet to the real way of life.

“Living for others” was the reason young Julian dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But now this reason was lost somewhere. There was a deep story behind this emptiness, some people told me that before my admission there was a big incident with Julian at the firm which changed his life. Then I found it stronger than these walls.

Till now, I was not aware of this secret, no one used to say anything on that secret that might have taken away his conscience from Julian. I wanted to know what happened to Julian that day. Who did this to my best friend? And today Julian was lying in front of me and I could not do anything as usual!!

That mysterious guest

Now the company was starting to become bedridden without Julian and immediately an emergency meeting was called, whatever was said in this meeting left me shaken! First of all it was informed that Julian Mantle had a heart attack and that his condition remains critical. I still remember the words I heard next. “I am very sorry to say that Julian Mantle has decided to say goodbye to our family”.

I used to think that I knew Julian most closely. But perhaps it was not so, I knew that he has started to feel all this burden, but I had no idea that this will come so soon. Yes! It was true that one of the country’s greatest lawyers, the great Julian Mantle, would never advocate now! Today, a full 3 years have passed, the only thing I know about Julian today is that he left his luxury bungalow and that red Ferrari and had left for India for peace of mind. “Maybe to find answers to some questions of his life”.

These 3 years have changed me to a great extent. I have begun to understand the importance of my family and sometimes even today I take time out from my masculinity and remember Julian Mantle. But if this life leaves me shocked, how will it be called life? One day a young man of about 30 years came to my office. By the way, due to more work, I rarely meet people, but there was something about the person who was fascinated as soon as I looked at him, there was a very relaxed expression on his face which separated him from the rest. As if I had been hypnotized by his presence, then suddenly that person told me very politely.

“Do you treat all your guests in the same way? Even the one who taught you the tricks of the court? My senses flew as soon as I heard this! I was shocked, Julian. Are you? Yes, that young looking man is Julian! A wave of excitement was pouring into me. How could this be possible? It took me time to believe that this is true. A changed Julian Mantle is standing in front of me, even the angel would be shy by seeing him! This sweet voice, this glow, this calmness. After all, what did Julian do in these 3 years that it was becoming difficult to recognize him now?

Julian Mantle’s magical physique

And once again Julian Mantle amazed me! After all, which Sanjeevani herb had he eaten from the Himalayan hills? I started thinking in my mind. Is there a magical well that makes humans young? How did these old-looking Julian change in such a way that all the gods and goddesses were kind to him. After all, where was Julian in these 3 years? What else were he doing? All these questions were making me curious. But before I could ask anything, Julian read all my questions as if he had read through my eyes. Julian first confessed how wrong he was, how his life had deviated from the path of happiness and significant success. After falling ill, the doctors advised him that he would have to give up hunger for success. Because the same thing had become an enemy of his life now. At that time, Julian made the biggest decision of his life. This decision was to choose his life.

There was a strange look on his face when Julian was telling me how he decided to sell his house and his favorite red Ferrari and went to India. Julian was excited like a child while he was telling me his story about the place where the whole life style plays in the lap of nature, how he was covering his scattered life from village to village, sometimes walking for miles. I was glad that Julian had learned to laugh again. Julian then told me that he came to know about the Indian monks after wandering from place to place. These monks are not dependent on their age and there are some such monks who have learned to control human hearts and minds. I was surprised to know that my friend Julian has spend his time with these ascetics. He have stayed with those teachers who teach them how to live without Dakshina (getting paid).

Then Julian told me something that shook the ground under my feet. While walking in the plains of Kashmir, he met a special yogi who showed Julian a ray of hope. Like Julian, that Yogi was also a successful lawyer who renounced his charisma and chose the life of a monk. Yogi told Julian that there is a colony named Sewana on the peaks of the Himalayas, miles away from Kashmir, where the most spiritual ascetics of the Himalayas reside. These sannyasis have crossed every stage of their age and are also owners of some amazing powers. They are the ocean of living knowledge, who has ancient art in terms of satisfying soul and body. No ordinary person is able to find those ascetics. On hearing this, Julian had known where his destination was now, and without spending any time, he started searching for Sewana.

The next morning, with the first ray of sun, Julian’s search also started. In the early days, he did not have to face many problems. But as time went on, Julian’s difficulties grew. The roads had become difficult and murderous. And now even food and water were not enough. But Julian did not give up. In the beautiful hills on the high hills of the Himalayas, he started his search alone on the road. I asked Julian in a suppressed voice that was it not difficult to leave the house. Julian said that abandoning fascination was not the most difficult of his life but the easiest solution. Because instead he would not get satisfaction and immense peace.

Julian wandered on the Himalayas for several days and eventually his health began to leave him. On a turn, he broke down and his eyes were filled with tears of his last life, what did he come here to find? And will he get it? Thinking the same – Julian’s eyes were closing. But then Julian saw an image in front of him. I was thinking how possible it would be to have a human being in that deserted and unknown area.

Well, Julian cautiously pleaded for help from the man wrapped in red clothes. As soon as that person turned to Julian, seeing his divinity, Julian was stunned. Julian had never seen such a wonderful form, which had influenced Julian to understand that he would be one of those monks of Sewana. The man asked Julian why he was looking for the monks. Then Julian told him his whole story. And then the monk agreed to take him with him on a condition. The condition was to spread the knowledge received by the monk to the world, and to help the needy with the same philosophy. From that moment on, just like the ascetics, Julian’s aim was to make the world a better place to live.

A unique meeting with the miraculous monks of Sewana

Now Julian finds peace and sets out with the monk of Sewana, to reach the mysterious Sewana. After crossing the winding and complicated paths for several hours, Julian and the ascetics reached a lush green valley. On one side the high ranges of the Himalayas and on the other side the pine trees. The combination of these two took the beauty of the valley to amazing heights. It was just that moment now. Julian’s wait ended when the monk told him “Welcome to Sewana!” Here both started moving towards the valley which passed through the forest. The scent of pine and sandalwood trees had mesmerized the whole atmosphere. As if the birds chirping in the forest are dancing on the trees, if heaven was on earth, it probably would surely be here.

After walking for some distance, finally the colony named Sewana was right in front of Julian. A temple was built in the middle of this colony adorned with rose flowers. Every person in this colony was a monk. There was laughter and grin on each face. Julian felt as if the disease named stress was not there in this village and no one would have ever experienced stress. As Julian spent time here, he began to realize the divinity and wonder of this place. As if this was the place that could rekindle Julian’s lost desire to live, which he had abandoned in his business life by being misguided. In the same way, a new beginning of Julian’s life started, which was quite different from his previous life.

A spiritual disciple of amazing ascetics

While listening to the incredible story of Julian, time flew from morning to evening. For a time it felt as if I too was on a trip to the Himalayas with him. But now Julian’s changed personality was also attracting me. Now I too have the desire to experience this hypnotic fulfilment. But I have to prepare for tomorrow’s hearing in the court. But today the words of Julian, his unfinished story have shown me a mirror. It has made me realize that somewhere like the old Julian, I have lost my personality of tomorrow. Sometimes I used to get pleasure in even the smallest thing and now I do not even remember the glimpse of that feeling. Sensing my interest, Julian increased the pace of his story. The people of Sewana community expressed their affection for Julian and made him a part of their community.

Julian began to spend every moment with his body and mind like a yogi to increase his knowledge. That knowledge of those ascetics was the result of many years of rigorous penance. And they were all ready to share that knowledge with Julian and that too without any doubt. Julian sat down with the ascetics and pondered many wonderful subjects of life that he had achieved in life. Soon Julian understood how he could stop his mind from getting distracted. As the days, nights, months passed, Julian realized that he now has an ability which he can use for the good of others. Within the first 3 weeks of Sewana, Julian felt a change in him. He started enjoying every little thing, whether they are shining stars in the dark or even a spider web! He told that within a few months he began to feel peace of mind and satisfaction of soul which he had not experienced while living in the city for many years.

Finally, Julian realizes the value of his life and realizes his real destination. All these were possible due to those sadhus. He also told in a sweet voice that “We must first satisfy our mind and soul, only then we can live our life and our dreams”. Then suddenly Julian talked about leaving because it was time for my office. He did not stop even after pleading. He said that “you and this whole society have the right to attain intelligence. I promise you that I will definitely share my knowledge with you”.

He had left my office but left his mark on me and I? I started thinking about how small my world was. I realized today that the excitement and innocence I had in my childhood is no more. And who knows maybe, like Julian, I will leave all this worldliness someday and go away in search of satisfaction like him!! With all these thoughts, I got out of my office and walked towards my destination in strong sunlight.

Miracle of inner wisdom

As Julian said, he reached my house in the evening. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see Julian in a strange red dress. In the eagerness to meet Julian again, I could hardly do anything throughout the day. So Julian too, without losing time, started to open those secrets one by one and started telling his unfinished story. But I do not know why my mind still could not believe Julian’s words. Suddenly a confusion started coming in my mind. Can this lawyer, who studied at Harvard University really gave up & left his home? Was Julian doing any mischief to me?

But then Julian cleared my doubt, Julian calmly started filling tea in a cup of tea. The tea was filled in the cup but Julian was not stopping. Finally, my patience broke and I asked “what are you doing? There is no space for more tea in it, it is full “. And Julian smiled and said, “Just as no more tea can come in this cup of tea, in the same way your mind is filled with your own thoughts. How can you fill a new idea in it”? After hearing the truth of his words, I stopped.

After convincing me, Julian finally told me how the saint of Sewana has helped him to gain the most important and greatest knowledge of life which changed his life. This knowledge was those precious 7 sources of life. Julian closed his eyes as if he had gone beyond this world to the same Himalayan litigants. He also told me to close my eyes and imagine what he was saying. This was the same story that the monk had told Julian, and now Julian was narrating the same story to me. Julian said. “You are sitting in a beautiful green and beautiful garden” The whole garden is filled with very beautiful flowers. Everything around you is very quiet. Taste the truth in this garden as if you have lots of time.

Now in front of you, you see a big light house of red color and suddenly the peace of that garden is disturbed. Then comes the sound of a door breaking, out of which a sumo wrestler comes out and starts walking in the middle of the garden. That sumo wrestler is wearing a thin wire nappy. As soon as the sumo wrestler steps forward, he sees a gold watch in front of him, which has been lying there for many years, when the foot of sumo wrestler touches the watch then suddenly he falls down and faints. After some time, he breathes the aroma of rose flowers and he stands back immediately. Handling the senses, he starts looking around and he sees a path through the bushes which are full of diamonds. Without losing time, the sumo wrestler sets out on that path, and disappears from your eyes.

“What a strange story it was? Did you went so far to hear this story?” I asked Julian in a loud voice. At this, Julian smiled and told me that he had also asked something similar to the monk of Sewana when that great monk had told this story to Julian. And I, like Julian, ignored those 7 sutras hidden in the story. And now it was time to know these 7 hidden sources of life.


A very unique garden with 7 sutras


First Sutra

In this fictional story, the garden shows our mind “If you stop your mind from getting distracted, take care of it, make it fertile then your mind will blossom a lot more than your thoughts.

And if you nurture wrong thoughts in it, negative energy or negativity will arise in your garden. We get the same fruits and flowers as we sow seeds in a garden! Similarly, when we constantly think about positive things in our mind. Our mind will also keep us satisfied and fertile inside the same beautiful garden, but if we fill negative thoughts inside us, then the result is also wrong. Mistakes should have no place in our lives. We should keep learning something from every lesson of our life. This is the first principle of our life.

Second Sutra

The second thread of this story is hidden in the light house, which shows all the objectives of our life. Just as a light house accurately shows the right path to any boat or ship with its light, we must also move accurately towards our life goals and ambitions. It is our first duty to know them fully. Even if it takes time but one day we will reach our destination. We need a “passion” to move towards our goal. And to achieve that passion, we must come to build self-power and patience. We have 5 ways to do this.

  1. We have to keep a clear picture of the final result in our mind, imagine the reward that will inspire us to move forward.
  1. We have to maintain positive pressure on us which do not allow us to deviate from the path of our goal.
  1. It is not an important thing to achieve the destination. It is also necessary to set a fixed time to reach that destination because there are many goals in our life which we have to achieve.
  1. Write your goal in the book and wake up every morning and open the book, so that you will remain motivated to reach your goal and your mind will not get distracted.
  1. 21-digit magic rule – You have to do all these techniques and magic rules for 21 consecutive days and at the same time continuously, so that this thing will become an important part of your daily rule.

Third Sutra

That third principle of life is related to the strange-looking sumo wrestler “Kaizen” in the story. Kaizen is a Japanese symbol that means continuous learning and continuous improvement. A sumo wrestler has to take care of his diet along with his discipline. In the same way, along with hard work in our life, we should also take care of discipline. We should also keep our mind under control. We have to make it an important part of our body, success always comes from within us. How we keep ourselves, our thoughts, success depends on it. We should constantly purify our mind and soul. There will be many difficulties in front of you, but fearing them will not give them a solution. A person who overcomes his fear never fails in his life.

Fourth Sutra

The 4th principle is understood in the diaper of that sumo wrestler. Yes, the nappy which was made of thin wire. Any wire is made by joining a lot of thin wires. Even though these thin wires are weak in themselves, but when combined together it makes a strong wire. In the same way, there are many small but good habits in our life, which often we do not pay much attention to. But together they all make a big difference. Whether it is to get up early in the morning, or eat nutritious food. All these habits may not seem too big. But after a long time these things makes you a better person, and determines your success! Always maintain a positive will power in you, so that the soul will always remain cool.

Fifth Sutra

The fifth principle of this story is related to the gold watch which the sumo wrestler falls while picking up. You must have understood that this watch represents the time of our life. Everyone, rich or poor, has only 24 hours a day. There are many of us who have a habit of unnecessarily avoiding work. This is a waste of time. Taking care of time does not mean that we should work every time. But create a good balance of time between your work, social life and family. Because every successful person does all that in the same 24 hours in a day, which we just keep thinking about. Once time slipped from our hands, it will never come back. Therefore, we should respect time.

Sixth Sutra

The sixth principle is associated with the rose flower which the wrestler sensed. There is a famous Chinese saying that people who give flowers to others often have fragrance of flowers in their hands. And this fragrance reflects a social cause. No matter how rich you are, you cannot price the comfort you get from helping others. That is why the world’s richest people satisfy their minds by making donations. So if you want the same happiness, then learn to help others. There is a famous saying “Do Good, get good”, this saying reflects this principle, we should never give up the work of good and should not expect good fruit instead of good work. We should do good work without any selfishness, only then we cannot describe the happiness that our inner soul will get.

Seventh Sutra

After all, the seventh principle of life is connected to this story. By the way the hero of the story. These diamonds are nothing but those small moments of life that give us lots of happiness. But we often ignore them and are sad to think about our past, or are worried about our future, and in all these we forget to live our today. Then whether it is spending time with your family or playing with your children or drinking a cup of tea with a friend. All these beautiful moments in our lives are like those precious diamonds which we should take care of! Never let your happiness get strangled for success. Walking on the same path of life, you will definitely feel your happiness because you do not get pleasure from finding happiness, but this beautiful feeling can be enjoyed in every small thing.

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