The Millionaire Fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane


Have you ever wondered how someone at the young age of 22 bought a luxury car like a limousine? How is one living a comfortable and luxurious life even after retiring at the age of 30? Do you think it is possible for a person to retire by earning a good amount of money at a young age? So the answer is “yes”, it is possible. At the age of 60-65. Retirement is common but you can prove it false. You can become a Young Millionaire. Most of the people struggle so much every day in the desire that someday they will definitely become rich, sometimes the whole life goes out in it.

You can save yourself from this. You can experience all those luxuries on your own even at a young age. You can watch your kids grow up, fulfil your hobbies, enjoy this beautiful life without any worries.

And can roam the whole world. And most of all, you can live your life freely on your own terms. In this book “The Millionaire Fastlane”, you will learn about the misconception that we have kept about money. After reading this, you will understand that there is no point in becoming rich after passing the entire age. This luxury, this money are things to enjoy in youth.

Three types of strategies have been described in this book. You will learn about their importance and drawbacks. Out of these three, only Fastlane has a strategy that takes you on the path of success and money. Money does not come from seeing your destination, but by focusing on the path that takes you there. This exciting journey will also make you understand that real wealth is not that which gives you the power to buy expensive things, but true wealth lies in family support, good health and a free life.

This book “The Millionaire Fastlane” will tell you the technique of earning a lot of money at an early age. So are you ready for it? So let’s start without delay.


For centuries, there has been a clichéd attitude of getting rich, to find one type of job, save money, reduce expenses, invest money in mutual funds and one day you will definitely become rich. But if you do, it will take 25 or 30 years or it may even take more years.

According to this, you will keep working hard like a Bull crusher for the rest of your life, just so that you can become rich when you are old? But after the end of youth, what will you do with so much money in old age? By living like this, you not only lose your youth but also your time, health and freedom.

Let us understand this with a story.

A Chicago-based investment banker shared his experience in Fastlane’s forum. When he was 23 years old, he had a good job. Along with the salary, he also used to get good commission. The banker said that whenever he saw some people living a life of luxury and driving expensive sports cars, he would get annoyed with their jobs. And those people were not any young boys and girls but people around 50 must have been.

Then he said that once a 52-year-old man told him that unless you can afford a luxury car, you will not be able to enjoy it. To save, you lose that age of your life which you will never get back.


Most of us do not understand money properly. Money is not an event, it is a process. You have to go through a process to become rich. It is like a road trip but you need to enjoy this route instead of just focusing on your destination. So your destination is your event and this journey is that process.

Now three important things are needed to go on this journey. The first is the car, which is yourself because only you decide where you want to go. The second thing is that which path you choose to reach your destination, then that is your choices and the third thing is the speed i.e. at what speed do you start applying your ideas.

Once the author of this book, MJ Demarco, was going to South Florida on a road trip from Chicago with some of his friends. In the middle of the way, his car broke down. He was still far away from his destination and got stuck on the way. This happened because he was focusing on his destination and not on that journey. They did not pay attention to all these important things like petrol, car engine, roadmap before leaving.

If he had taken care of these important things, he would have reached his destination comfortably without any trouble. So always remember that it is important to reach the destination, but in the pursuit of reaching early, if you ignore other things or choose the wrong path, then many difficulties can come in the way. So if you pay attention to the way too then you will reach your destination on time.

Imagine that one day you read a blog in which it is written that a young boy sold his company for 30 million dollars. Now this is an event that everyone is discussing and praising. But no one knows about the hard work behind it. No one knows how much time and energy that man must have given in that work without stopping day and night. No one knows about Struggle. When someone gets success, everyone’s eyes are on him, but no one knows about the long life and struggle behind that success. But the truth is that, that event is possible only because of that journey and that process.

Once an athlete signed a $50 million contract to play a game of pro basketball. This was an event that everyone saw. But the athlete did not become rich after a few minutes of signing the contract. He worked very hard to make his name, travelled a long way till he got that contract.

He practiced for hours to improve his skills, fell thousands of times, not knowing how many times he had to undergo surgery because of his wound. Why do you think he would have got it all easily? No, he too was rejected many times, he also failed many times. He saw good and bad all kinds of days and these sour and sweet experiences took his journey to his destination.

Let’s say you want to make cookies. You go to the kitchen and mix sugar and flour in a bowl. What do you think will happen? You close your eyes and the cookies will be ready automatically? No, nothing like this is going to happen. Unless you put all the ingredients that make cookies in the bowl, follow every instruction given in a recipe, then cookies will not be made.

So success is also like a recipe, you cannot get wealth unless you take care of the important things. If even one ingredient is missed, the recipe becomes bad. So pay attention to every aspect then you will get extra ordinary success.


Let us now understand about the roadmap. MJ Demarco has explained that there are three types of roadmaps. The first is a sidewalk roadmap that leads you to financial crunch and poverty. Those who follow it are called side walkers. These people do not make any financial plan in life. They waste their income due to their daily expenses and sometimes unnecessary expenses. They do not plan for their future and often they have to survive on every day’s earnings. Therefore, due to lack of discipline and poor financial management, this side walk path leads a person to poverty.

Now there are two types of side walkers – income-poor and income-rich. The net worth of such people is zero or negative. Research has shown that 85% of Americans fall in this category. Neither they have any savings, no money nor any deposit.

Not only this, these people also have very heavy loans which include car loan, home loan, personal loan all. But still you will get to see the latest flat screen TVs, mobiles, gadgets with latest technology in their house.

These are not the necessities of life. Yes, you can definitely call them hobbies. Income-poor side walkers don’t save money for the future. Neither do they plan anything for their old age nor for any emergency of life. They just waste all the money on show-offs.

Therefore, this path is not at all safe for the journey of life because if you stumble on the way, then you will not get a chance to recover. This stumbling block can be anything, such as losing a job, increasing interest rate, suddenly having an accident, falling prey to some disease or a recession spreading in the world.

It just so happened that such people have a brand new luxury car but do not have health insurance. Now in such a situation if there is an accident in their life. If he goes, he will have to pay money from his own pocket, which will lead to more debt and then he will be entangled in this never ending poverty trap. Now let’s talk about the income-rich side walker. Once upon a time there was a rapper who gave two hit rap songs in just three years and he became quite famous. But very soon he also went bankrupt. You will be surprised to hear that he was earning $ 4 million every month but still his financial condition became very bad. The reason for this was also poor management skills.

Famous actors, musicians often spend a lot of money to maintain their looks. They wear expensive designer clothes, they live in luxurious sea facing home and drive expensive vehicles. Looking at all these things, we feel how comfortable and luxurious life they live, don’t they? But have you ever wondered how much it would cost to maintain such a lifestyle? And the problem starts from here.

They spend more than they earn. Let’s say they earn 50$ every month then their expenses will be at least 60$. This is the reason why they are never able to deposit money. A small failure in his career has cost him deadly. Despite releasing several blockbuster songs, a flop song or a film can ruin him.


We often measure wealth by the expensive things we have. But this view is wrong. Wealth Trinity is the right way to know the worth of money. As the name suggests, it includes three things – family, fitness and freedom.

First of all, wealth means a deep and strong relationship with one’s family. The second is a healthy and fit body. Nothing is more valuable than a healthy and strong body. And the third is freedom. It is about taking decisions of your own choice and living life in your own way.

Money is also of two types, real and fake or artificial. Fake money means illusion of money. It ruins real money. Let us understand its difference with the help of an example.

There was an apartment near the expressway. The apartment looked like it was in need of repair. Its complexion had become hazy, it was broken from place to place. MJ Demarco often used to see it while going to the gym. He saw a very expensive luxury car parked in the parking lot of that old apartment. He used to wonder about the owner of that car.

If he can afford a car for $60,000, then he will be very rich. But if he is so rich why does he live in an apartment which is in such a bad condition? He should live in a luxurious bungalow. So the secret was that the owner of that car was not rich at all, he just wanted to look rich. This is what is called artificial wealth. This happens when you are not really having money but pretend to have money.

Let’s hear another story which will prove that having expensive things does not make one rich. Real wealth is your family, good health and freedom.

Henry Sucarano used to work in a large pharmaceutical company. There he was earning well. After some time, Henry bought his dream house which was worth $1.8 million. That luxurious bungalow had a swimming pool, a garage large enough to hold five vehicles, stables to keep horses and everything you can imagine in a bungalow. Living there made Henry feel that he was very rich.

One day, due to the politics in the company, fingers started being pointed at his work. Now he was asked to do more work than before. Henry had to travel daily to go to work. His whole day would be spent either in working or sleeping. Henry had bought his favourite house for him to enjoy and live in peace, and now he could not find rest even for a moment.

In the affair of buying this house, his relationships and his health were badly affected. He had no time for his wife and children. He started living under stress all the time. He was caught in this lavish lifestyle which took away his freedom, his peace.

So what do you understand? Henry just wanted to show how rich he was, so he bought such an expensive house. But in reality he could not afford it. Now he continued to work to meet the expenses of the house which had taken away his peace and freedom. This is how artificial wealth destroys real money.


It has often been seen that the more money a person has, the more his loan increases because the more you start earning, the more you start spending, which increases the loan. Now you are busy working day and night just to repay this loan. Due to overwork, you get stressed, you become irritable, which has a bad effect on your relationships, your health. That’s why it is said that money can’t buy you happiness. Money can make your life easy but it doesn’t necessarily make it happy.

If there is freedom along with money, then it definitely gives happiness. Money should not be used just to fulfil your desires. Let us now know that if you misuse money, then what can be the consequences.

After completing graduation, MJ Demarco started working as a construction labourer. This work was a bit tiring but the salary was good. MJ Demarco had to face heavy traffic to reach the site every day. This job was a bit challenging but MJ Demarco kept working there to earn more money.

After some time, a good amount was accumulated from his saved money, now MJ Demarco started considering himself rich. He decided to raise his standard of living and bought an expensive sports car. He began to think that this expensive car was a status symbol of his money.

After some time, MJ Demarco started getting tired of his work. He started feeling that this work was also difficult and all his time was spent in it. He used to feel very tired. But MJ Demarco was forced to continue his job. He realized that even if he wanted to, he could not leave his work because his expenses had increased so much. For the first time he understood that his sports car was not his status symbol but a termite which had ended his happiness.

To understand this thing more deeply, let’s hear another story. There was a man who used to extort money by blackmailing people. By doing this, he used to earn $ 2,14,000 a year. Accordingly, he must have a lot of money. But when he was asked, he said that he was completely ruined.

He had left his wife, and due to court orders, he had to pay $6,000 to his wife every month. Apart from this, he had many types of loans on his head. He blackmailed people so that he could get freedom and happiness. But he could never achieve this because his money was misused and now money was taking him on the wrong path. He had money but he was still in debt. He was trying to buy happiness with the money he earned from blackmailing. But such happiness lasts for a very short time. He did not realize that debt had made him a slave of money and he wanted freedom from that slavery.


Have you heard of hitch hiking? Hitch hiking means going on a journey but taking a lift from others on the way and moving forward. Now it is very risky and dangerous. Many people do that not only during the journey but also in their life where they hand over the control of their financial plan to others. In this someone else takes your financial decision. Such people often become helpless and dependent on others. The way to avoid this is to take responsibility, to be responsible. Being responsible means accepting your mistakes. It also means that you do not repeat the mistake.

One day, MJ Demarco was having dinner with a friend in a restaurant. She told MJ Demarco that her identity card was lost due to which she was very upset. When MJ Demarco asked how this happened, she said that her purse was stolen in a restaurant in Mexico. Along with the identity card, there were many other important papers in that purse and she had suffered a lot due to the theft. She said that she had kept the purse on the table when suddenly someone came and took the purse and ran away.

It has been explained in this story that it was the woman’s fault that her purse was stolen. Knowing that the purse contained important papers, she casually placed it on the table. The most surprising thing was that her purse had been stolen earlier as well. Instead of accepting her mistake and learning from it, she repeated that mistake again. She had a habit of keeping her purse on the table. This is what means to hitch hiking. The woman herself was making herself a victim. That was her fault. Whatever happened, she should have avoided repeating it by taking responsibility for it.


After side walkers come slowners. Now Slow lane does better than side walking. Side walkers live in today, they don’t care about tomorrow nor do any planning. They don’t take responsibility for anything. slowners try to accept their mistake and not repeat it. These people sacrifice themselves today in the wish of a bright future. They work hard day and night to save money for their future. But no one knows what will happen in the future. Money should be enjoyed at a young age when we all have both zeal and desire. What will you do with so much money when you are old? Let us understand this from the story of Joe.

Who was a teenager whose dream was to earn a lot of money. He always kept reading finance books so that he could learn about earning more money. The same old things were written in the books that get a good job, save money, reduce expenses and one day you will become rich. Joe followed this advice. He completed his law studies and started working in a law firm. He got so busy with his work that he did not have time for his family and friends.

He was busy with work from Monday to Friday and did not rest even on weekends, but would prepare for the coming week. After working for 12 years in his job, he started getting bored with his job. But he was forced to work there because he was told that he was going to get a promotion very soon, after which all his troubles would go away. That’s why Joe continued the job there with the hope that he would get rich soon. He just kept dreaming of getting rich and enjoying life.

But one day, Joe died due to a sudden heart attack. He was only 51 years old. Joe followed the Slow lane roadmap. He devoted his entire youth to work. He never gave time to his family and was never satisfied with his life. He didn’t fulfil his desires because he was so busy earning money and saving for the future. But that future never came and he died before becoming rich.


So we saw that in both Sidewalk and Slow Lane roadmap, you have to either sacrifice your youth or your retirement. There is another way to save these two which is the Fast lane Roadmap. This is such a wonderful option in which you can enjoy both your youth and your old age. By following this path, you can become a millionaire even at a young age. But you will not get anything sitting, you have to work hard. The only difference is that you will not have to wait till old age to become rich, but you will get the result very soon. Let us understand this with a story.

An Egyptian king had two nephews, Chuma and Azur. They were both 18 years old. One day, the king asked both his nephews to build a pyramid. He promised them that whoever would be successful in building the first pyramid would be given the king’s throne and a lot of money. Both immediately started their work. Azure started lifting heavy stones and kept them in square shape. It took him a year to prepare the base of the pyramid.

But Chuma’s plot was still empty. There was no stone there and neither did he started working. Chuma was busy making a special kind of device. Azur continued with his work and his first level was completed. Now it became very difficult for him to lift the heavy stones on the second level. So Azur decided to increase his strength. He went to a trainer to become strong.

Meanwhile, Chuma had made his own lifting machine. The machine took 30 times less time to move a stone. The work which took Azar two months to complete, was completed by Chuma in two days. Chuma got his pyramid ready at the age of 26. As promised, the king handed over the throne to him. At such a young age, he had become so rich that he never had to work again in his life.

Azur was following Slow Lane and Chuma chose the path of Fastlane. Azur worked hard to be successful but Chuma achieved success with great wisdom. Chuma retired at an early age and enjoyed his life to the fullest.


So in this book “The Millionaire Fastlane” you learned that one can become very rich even at a young age. You also learned about three different types of roadmaps. Now you must have understood that only fastlane can make you rich at a young age.

In this book “The Millionaire Fastlane”, you also understood that expensive cars, luxurious bungalows, expensive gadgets do not make you rich. It has become a status symbol to show off. The real wealth is the freedom to live as you like. The relationships and love you earn in your life is the real wealth. A healthy body is your biggest wealth.

In this journey, you also learned that you yourself are the driver of your car on the road leading to the money. You can never earn money without taking responsibility. You have to take your own decisions, you have to be responsible. You must believe that you can be rich even at a young age. So take the decision wisely. Take your step towards wealth by choosing the fastlane path and enjoy this beautiful life and the world.

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