The Bulletproof Diet

The Bulletproof Diet

What’s in it for you?

In this book, we will learn about the secret of the world’s best diet. In the Bulletproof Diet, the author has told many such things about healthy eating which is the biggest discovery of this book.

It is best for us to eat that food which has plenty of fat and vegetables, enough protein and carbohydrates and minimum starch and harmful things.

By reading this book, we will learn how our body works and how we can increase its strength. By reading this we will know why we should eat fat and why should we fast. We will learn about the right way to do both of these things. By reading the given lesson, we will learn why many people add butter to their coffee and why you should too.

You will also learn that:

  • Which coffee is harmful.
  • Why eating meat is beneficial.
  • How can we increase our thinking ability by eating more fat.

There are many harmful things found in coffee.

Many people like to drink coffee before going to work but they do not know that coffee contains anti nutrient compounds which do not allow our body to absorb nutrients. These anti-nutrient compounds are found in seeds, plants and beans and have a bad effect on health.

Many people unknowingly keep taking these anti-nutrients. It is difficult to locate them. It is found naturally in coffee beans. One study found that 90% of the coffee grown in Brazil contains these harmful substances. Another study found that these harmful substances are found in 50% of the coffee in the market.

This is a huge problem. South Korea and Japan have enacted laws on coffee, which have banned coffee with more anti-nutrients. There is no such law in the United States and Canada that’s why the anti-nutrients are found more in the coffee here.

These harmful substances can cause many diseases such as cardiomyopathy, hypertension, cancer, kidney diseases and brain damage. So be careful while buying coffee. Cheap coffee is not only made from poor quality beans, but these harmful substances are found in high quantities in it.

Taking caffeine out of coffee will not help. Caffeine does not allow these harmful substances to grow on the coffee beans. It acts as an anti-fungal.

To avoid these, you can buy coffee from shops that use their own roasters. Use single origin coffee instead of blended coffee.

Add butter to your coffee and drink it.

You don’t need to give up coffee completely, just learn to drink it properly. Caffeine has many benefits. It reduces brain irritation, increases insulin sensitivity, which helps in reducing weight. You can enhance the benefits of coffee by adding butter to it.

But what will happen if you do this?

When we use butter instead of milk, we get three to four times more antioxidants. Milk has a bad effect on polyphenols. Polyphenol is a type of anti-oxidant, which is found in coffee.

Butter contains butyric acid, which reduces irritation and heals the intestines. In a study done on rats, it was revealed that taking fat with coffee reduces weight.

Consuming fat with coffee can lead to ketosis. Ketosis is a stage in which your body uses fat instead of sugar to give you energy.

You can also achieve ketosis by adding medium chain triglyceride oil or MCTs to your coffee. It is made from coconut or palm oil and contains 18 times more medium chain triglyceride oil than ordinary coconut oil.

By adding coffee MCT, our body uses fat as an energy source. The author experimented on his own diet. He ate sushi with two cups of rice and the next day he noticed that his blood ketone level was 1. If your ketone level is 0.6, you have ketosis.

After 30 minutes of drinking this bulletproof coffee, the author noticed that his ketone level dropped to 0.7. Some people can do this by stop eating carbs, but it may take up to three days for them.

MCT is a strong oil that can lower ketone levels even after consuming carbs. But take it only in small amounts or else you can fall ill.

Harmful bacteria in the intestine can cause irritation or insulin resistance.

We can become bulletproof by promoting beneficial bacteria of the intestine. These bacteria have a great effect on our health and our food habits have a great effect on them. Studies on rats have given us many ways to stay healthy and lose weight. Weight depends not only on the food, but also on these bacteria.

When the microbe was removed from the fat rat and transferred to the thin rat, its insulin resistance increased and it started eating 10% more food. The bacteria are different in fat and thin humans too.

Thin people have bacteriodates that make them thin. By eating polyphenols, you can increase the number of bacteria. Polyphenols are found in vegetables, carrots, coffee and chocolate. Rice, potatoes and carrots contain resistant starch, which we eat can change our microbiome. They are called resistant starch because we cannot digest it. So we can eat it without increasing insulin.

When these starches reach the intestine, they form butyrate from them. Butyrate is very beneficial for intestine and brain. Therefore, eating butter can prove to be very beneficial.

Resistant starch is found in green banana flour, plantain flour and potatoes.

Eat the right fat to lose weight.

People think that eating fat leads to weight gain. Ancel Keys removed this confusion with the help of his theory in 1950. He said that eating saturated fat causes heart diseases. He was right but people are still confused about it.

A good car needs high octane fuel to run fast. High octane fuel has more energy than low octane fuel. Our mind and body also work in a similar way.

Our body needs fats like omega 3s which it cannot make on its own. Fat is so important to us that our body cannot function without it. Fat is found in our brain, cells and all organs.

Fat helps in the production of myelin, which increases the electric power of the nerves. This increases our thinking ability. If we take the right fat, then our body uses the fat to make healthy cell membrane and gives us energy.

So what is the right fat? According to Mary Enig, the correct fat can be identified in two ways.

First – by looking at the length of the fat molecule. Small molecule is beneficial which reduces irritation. That’s why Bulletproof Diet recommends you to take MCTs.

Secondly by seeing how stable that fat is. Saturated fat takes time to get oxidised. Oxidation is the reason behind irritation and wrinkles.

The fats found in MCT oil, ghee, cocoa butter, krill oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and sunflower lecithin are bulletproof.

Take high quality protein in your diet.

Like fat, protein also has an effect on health. It strengthens the immune system, reduces irritation and helps in building the body.

Protein is important because it maintains muscle and mass bone density. It is so important to your body that it is your body that forces you to eat it in the right amount.

Most people think that all types of protein are beneficial. That’s why the food industry uses low quality proteins like gluten or soy in its products.

A study of high and low quality nutrients found that the omega 3s in the meat of animals fed cereals were so low that there was no benefit to eating them.

So you eat the meat of those animals that eat grass. It contains very little harmful ingredients and is high in nutrients. It contains more antioxidants, omega 3s, minerals and vitamins.

You should eat those fats whose colour is yellow. This shows that there are more nutrients in that fat. The meat of grass-fed animals contains carotenoids that give it its deep yellow colour.

Do not think that organic meat is as beneficial as meat from grass-fed animals. Although organic meat is better than normal meat, some harmful things are found in it, which can increase obesity.

Eating too much protein causes burning sensation in the body because it takes more time to digest than fat or carbohydrates. That’s why sometimes you feel like eating sweets. Your liver needs glucose to digest protein.

Bulletproof proteins include things like low-mercury fish, grass-fed animal meats, eggs, hydrolysed collagen, and gelatine.

Do not eat food that does not contain nutrients.

Don’t eat the food that harms you. This is the best way to be bulletproof. Stay away from packaged food and sugar because it only increases obesity and leads to weakness.

Food made with chemicals does not satisfy our hunger. Rather, it increases our appetite. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are very less in them, which does not satisfy hunger.

Mostly monosodium glutamate (MSG) is found in packet food. It was made in Japan during the World War. People used it to enhance the taste of spoiled food.

Because of MSG, our cells send signals to each other, which activates them. When these cells die, our brain sends a signal for more energy. This leads to headache and the desire to eat sweets.

In such a situation, when we eat sweets, our body suffers further damage. Too much sugar reduces the dopamine receptors of the brain, due to which we are unable to feel energy. Drug users have the same problem.

Most people know what a sugar crash, is but they don’t know how it happens. Not only does a sugar crash take away your focus and energy, but it also lowers the level of sugar in your blood.

Taking too much sugar increases the sugar in the blood. In such a situation, the level of insulin increases so much that the level of sugar drops again. By removing sugar from your food, you can improve your health completely.

By fasting from time to time, both your metabolism and focus increase.

If you want to be bulletproof, you should not be afraid of hunger. Fasting can be of great benefit if you do it in the right way.

Intermittent fasting means that all types of food should be eaten within 6-8 hours of the day. It has become very popular in the last few years as it helps in reducing weight. It protects against cancer and maintains health.

Alternate day fasting is also a type of intermittent fasting. It does not cause long-term diseases. It lowers triglyceride and improves cholesterol levels.

In Alternate day fasting, you eat food directly at 2 o’clock in the afternoon without eating breakfast. This is a very difficult job for the working people.

The author was looking for a way to keep a fast other than the alternate day fasting. Then he found a bulletproof intermittent. In this, you start your day with coffee and then you do not need to eat anything till noon.

This is because we get a lot of energy from the fat of bulletproof coffee. Due to this, the Mammalian Target of Metabolism of our body increases, due to which the production of protein and muscle in the body also increases.

As already mentioned, bulletproof coffee causes ketosis, which increases our energy and focus and keeps the amount of sugar in the blood under control.

If you want to eat something other than coffee and butter, then eat protein and fat together. For example, you can eat soaked salmon or avocado with eggs. By eating fat and protein together, we do not feel hungry quickly and our body gets energy to convert protein into amino acids.

After some time do strenuous exercise.

To be bulletproof, it is not only necessary to eat food. Exercise is also very important in this. But not all exercises are beneficial.

If you are good at sports, it does not mean that you are healthy. Long-term exercise affects the heart and can lead to heart diseases. On the other hand, cycling or walking is not such a good exercise.

Exercise can be of great benefit if you do it properly. Your exercise should be short, hard, safe and rewarding. If this is not the case, then you are not able to take advantage of the benefits of exercise properly.

If weight training is done for only 20 minutes, then it is the best exercise. Do this till you get tired. Do exercises like the seated row and chest press. The more muscular you are, the less tired you will be and the more protected you are from diseases and harmful things.

Jogging or walking are not good exercises. You do some strenuous exercise every once in a while. Run as fast as you can for 15 seconds, then rest for 90 seconds. Repeat this for 15 minutes.

With vigorous exercise, your body makes more anti-aging hormones, which makes you look younger. Heavy exercise is the best way to make anti-aging hormones.

Exercising too much is not good. Overtraining can cause damage. It is very important to give your body some rest, no matter what exercise you are doing.

Rest for four to seven days after exercising. Exercising too much together increases the risk of injury.

You will sleep the same way you eat.

Apart from diet and exercise, sleep also has a great impact on health. If you sleep well then your working efficiency increases by 50%.

Getting good sleep keeps our skin healthy, we look young, insulin is made in the right amount and our ability to work increases.

You don’t need to sleep for a long time to feel good. One study found that healthy people only need 6 hours of sleep a night.

Sleep is an important part of becoming bulletproof because our sleep is directly related to our food and drink. When you improve your health and make yourself bulletproof, you will not suffer any harm even if you sleep less.

Eat fat in dinner for good sleep. You can eat butter, coconut oil, MCT oil or animal fat. Fat gives more energy to our body and mind, due to which we get energy throughout the night.

It is good to eat fish oil or krill oil at night as it contains fatty acids like DHA and Omega 3s. One study found that the DHA found in fish oil increases the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neuro transmitter that makes us happy. It reduces the stress hormones, which helps us to sleep well. Eating honey before sleeping also helps you sleep well.

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