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Welcome to Crazy Book Readers, where we make a big promise to our readers: TO END THE IGNORANCE that we all have inside us, which we believe is the root cause of all the major problems in this world. We want to make people interested in reading books, learning from MENTORS and by self-improving, since we believe that nothing is better than improving oneself. Once we start changing ourselves then we would have the power to change our society our country and hence this world.

We are from India and I believe that everyone should be able to learn from the world’s best books for free not just in English but also in Hindi.

Here’s what Crazy Book Readers is all about:

Me and my Team created Crazy Book Readers to share our love of books and book summaries, accelerate our own learning and yours right with it.

We read combination of the world’s best non-fiction books and book summaries.

We write down the major lessons along with a short review of who the book is for.

You get to digest the key points of an entire book in just few minutes that too for free!!

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All of our summaries contain the wisdom from some of the world’s best books, but we also add our own unique takeaways, our own examples, and stories to carry those lessons to you.